嚴重聲明- 2017


本公司嚴重聲明, 本公司只批發產品到美容院或家居美容, 並沒有放到網上或其他渠道售賣, 更沒有授權或批准


近日發現網上有些模仿或抄襲CYM的網站, 魚目混珠, 未知貨源.

 敬請留意, 如有發現, 請馬上通知本公司.




Serious Statementpecial   – 2017

 Attention please:


The Company made a serious statement that our company only wholesale products to beauty salons or home beauty, and did not put online or other channels for sale, and no authorization or approvaltoi anyone selling in any channel.



We  recently found some website have suspicions of imitating or plagiarizing the CYM website. These illegal sales site are trying to pass off the sham as the genuine. Although, in these illegal website,  their supply is likely to be a problem.

Please note that, if found, please inform our company immediately!


Thank You!